About Us

girl representing our programs for runaway and homeless youth

Youth experience homelessness for many reasons, often through no fault of their own. Living in a car or on the street, their futures are sacrificed for immediate needs. School becomes impossible when trying to find food and safety.

Our CYFC programs build upon each other, helping youth to the next step in self-sufficiency. Crisis intervention services include family mediation to help deescalate conflict and prevent youth from running away. Outreach and drop-in hours allow youth experiencing homelessness to have a meal, take a shower, and connect to other services. Emergency shelter gives youth a safe respite while making a plan. Living Options for Teens (The LOFT) is a longer-term shelter that helps them finish high school, get a job, and save up for rental deposits. As they launch into independence, we are still there with them, helping them with apartment applications and other hurdles.