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A Safe Haven for Youth in Jeopardy

There are young people in jeopardy in our community. Those with strained family relationships, at risk of running away. Homeless kids struggle to meet the immediate needs of safety, food, and shelter. Kids living on the street are at risk of hazards like exposure to substance abuse and violence, criminal activity, and sexual exploitation. These kids are often unable to finish their education and so unable to find employment. These kids sacrifice their futures for immediate needs.

These youth are at a critical point in their lives, when their choices have long-term implications. This is a time when our support can provide options that keep them safe while they work to reorganize their life.

Cascade Youth and Family Center has been serving runaway and homeless youth in our region since 1989, helping each on their path to becoming productive and contributing members of our community. We offer a continuum of services to kids and families, and to the vulnerable population living on the street. We are the only program offering this continuum of services in Central and Eastern Oregon. Kids come to the LOFT from around the region.

Our programs build upon each other; from providing family mediation, to offering youth on the street services and shelter, to helping a youth transition into their own home, we help kids develop a plan with goals for long term stability

We work for kids living with or without their parent or guardian who are …
– Unable to resolve conflict with parents or guardian
– Living in an unsafe or unstable environment at home
– Couch surfing or staying temporarily with friends or family
– Sleeping unsheltered, outside, in a car, or other places not meant for housing

We value diversity and welcome young people from all backgrounds. We do not discriminate based on ethnicity, cultural identity, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.