The LOFT: Living Options For Teens

boy in classroom representing our scholarship program

The LOFT is our longer term home for kids who need a safe and structured place to live while they finish school, work, and plan for independence and self-sufficiency. If you are homeless and want to know if this program would be a good fit, first access services through emergency shelter or drop in hours. Kids often live at the LOFT for a year and a half, sometimes longer when needed.

There are expectations of residents: If you live at the LOFT, you’ll be required to enroll in school or be working. While working, you will save 75% of your income for your future. It’s a home where everyone contributes, has chores, and participates in learning the skills you’ll need to live on your own as an adult. All of these things are designed to help become self-sufficient and build the life you want.