Host Home

“Cascade Youth and Family Center has been a huge source of strength for me not only as a host parent but also as an individual. Being a host parent parallels challenges that many parents face. The support I receive from the Case Manager has empowered me as a parent in many ways. Every step of the way, the gifts of encouragement, guidance and words of wisdom have been applicable to all areas of my life.”
-Host Home Parent

Through our Host Home Program CYFC is able to offer temporary shelter and other support to youth for short periods of time.  Youth are able to be placed in a certified Host Home if necessary so that the Basic Center staff, working with them on an individual basis, will be able to evaluate their particular needs and to develop the best plan for a successful future. 

There are a number of reasons as to why a youth would need a safe place to stay temporarily.  Sometimes they’ve been asked to leave their homes, sometimes they run away.  Some families are experiencing homelessness and are not able to provide a safe and stable place for their child to stay.  Some just need a temporary break from their home and time to work on skills that will allow them to move back home.  The reasons vary, but the need is the same:  a safe, stable, supportive environment for youth.    

Just as the need for temporary shelter is great so is the need for Host Homes to provide this shelter.  We are always seeking out independent contractors that are willing to do this sort of work.  Of course there is compensation, support, and training which we are able to provide. We need you to provide a loving, non-judgmental, safe environment for these youth.  Please contact us today if you have the room in your heart and home to become a certified Host Home.