Host Home

Here at Cascade Youth & Family Center we are looking for individuals or families who are willing to open up their homes to a youth in need. Our Host Home Program is an innovative way to address the housing needs of a homeless or at risk youth.

The goal for the Host Home Program is to temporarily provide a youth with a safe and supportive environment during the de-escalation period of a strained family situation. While in a Host Home, Youth will work closely with their case manager to repair the relationship with their guardians as well as working towards other personal goals.

This program is perfect for a family or individual who cares about our youth and wants to give back to the community. Support, training, and compensation will be provided. Youth can be in a Host Home anywhere from 1-21 days. The compensation is $45 a night, per youth. If you are interested in learning more on the step by step process of becoming a Host Home, click here or contact us at 541-382-0934. Ready to open your home to a youth in need? Our application is online here.

“Cascade Youth and Family Center has been a huge source of strength for me not only as a host parent but also as an individual. Being a host parent parallels challenges that many parents face. The support I receive from the Case Manager has empowered me as a parent in many ways. Every step of the way, the gifts of encouragement, guidance and words of wisdom have been applicable to all areas of my life.”
-Host Home Parent