Cascade Youth and Family Center (CYFC) was established by J Bar J Youth Services in response to a need recognized by the Deschutes County Children & Families Commission in 1989; DCCFC was concerned over the plight of at-risk children in Central Oregon. CYFC attempts to intervene early and ensure the most appropriate referral for that youth.

Programs provided are…

Basic Center Program

Transitional Living Program

Street Outreach Program

  • “I feel very hopeful for long-term resolution towards the positive outcome of this situation, and am well aware of many after-care services and resources for my family, thanks due to the services provided by CYFC.”
    -Parent of a runaway youth
  • “I wanted to say that I appreciate all the help all the staff at the Loft provided for me and the other residents when we were all living there. I haven’t been in Bend to come by and thank all of you personally, but every day I think about that place. I called it home once. You’re all amazing people with so much care in your hearts for all of us. Sometimes I stop and think about all the little things and all the big things you all did to show that we are worth being helped, and they are very warm fulfilling thoughts. Living there, through all the stress I was already going through, was probably the best experience I’ve had so far in life. Since I moved out I’ve been more motivated to keep going with my life, and I always think about my time there when I feel like giving up. Then I spark back up again. I love all of you.”